Why Javascript is a great starting language

We all need to start somewhere, wether that be programming or anything else. As far as programming goes I always recommend javascript to people who are just starting to program for the following 4 reasons:

1. The Syntax is simple and Easy to learn
Compared to other languages javascript syntax is easy to learn and use. For example, here is a simple hello world example comparing C vs JS syntax:

Console.log("Hello World")

2. Easy Setup and Run
One of the best features of javascript, is the easy setup and running of the code. Many other languages, like python or c require a external compiler or interperter in order to test or run the code. As for javascript, a web browser is all you need to test your code. You can either setup a basic html file to test your functions, or using online sites to run and test your code (like js bin).

3. Teaches Basic but essential programming concepts
Since javascript is a simple and basic programming language, you can easily learn the fundimentals skills that are essential in a programming languages. Such as functions, loops, objects, ect. For example lets review varibles, since javascript has dynamic varibles; you don’t need to specify types. This is useful for new programmers because they get to learn how to use varibles without the hassle. So later if the choose to move to a more advanced language they will have the basic knowledge of how to use varibles.

4. Alot of documentation
Javascript is a pretty old language. It is well defined and has a strict standards enforced by W3. Because of this W3 itself provides a pretty good documentation for javascript. Other than that many sites such as codepen provide snipplets and samples that you can use in your code and modify if needed.
I believe these four reasons show why javascript is a great starting language for beginners. If you liked this post, please comment and share.


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